Red Oak Wood

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Bring enduring beauty and strength to your projects with Red Oak Wood from Madar Building Materials. This premium American hardwood offers a rich color, distinctive grain, and exceptional durability for furniture, flooring, and more.
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Oak Wood - 2in - A/D Oak Wood - 2in - A/D
SAR 4,140.00
Oak Wood - 2in - A/D- XL Oak Wood - 2in - A/D- XL
SAR 4,255.00
Oak Wood - 3in - A/D Oak Wood - 3in - A/D
SAR 4,255.00
Oak Wood - 1in - K/D Oak Wood - 1in - K/D
SAR 4,255.00
Oak Wood - 2in - K/D Oak Wood - 2in - K/D
SAR 5,980.00
Oak Wood - 2in - K/D - XL Oak Wood - 2in - K/D - XL
SAR 5,980.00
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Red Oak Wood

Elevate your building projects with the timeless beauty and enduring strength of Red Oak Wood from Madar Building Materials. Sourced from responsibly managed forests in the USA, Red Oak offers exceptional quality and versatility for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.


Renowned for its rich color tones and distinctive grain patterns, Red Oak Wood is a popular choice for furniture makers, architects, and builders. This strong and stable hardwood boasts exceptional durability, making it a lasting investment for your projects.

  • Rich Color: Ranges from light to deep red with warm undertones, offering a variety of design options.
  • Distinctive Grain: Features a pronounced grain pattern for a visually striking aesthetic.
    Exceptional Strength and
  • Durability: Provides long-lasting performance for furniture, flooring, and other demanding applications.
  • Workability: Though slightly harder than some hardwoods, it machines and finishes well with proper techniques.
  • Species: Quercus spp. (Red Oak)
  • Origin: USA
  • Thickness: 2.5, 5, 8 cm (1", 2", 3")
  • Width: Varies from ~15 to 40 cm (6" - 16")
  • Length: Varies from ~245 cm to 550 cm (8' - 18')
  • Standard Sizes: 5 x 25 cm (2" x 10")
  • Moisture Content: A/D (Air Dried) or K/D (Kiln Dried)
  • Furniture Making: Ideal for crafting beautiful and durable furniture pieces.
  • Flooring: Creates a stunning and long-lasting foundation for your interior spaces.
  • Interior Trim: Adds a touch of elegance to doors, moldings, and other architectural elements.
  • Exterior Applications (A/D Only): Can be used for decks, patios, and other outdoor structures with proper installation and maintenance
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