Mopatech Melamine Chipboard

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Elevate your projects with Mopatech Melamine Faced Chipboard – a versatile and durable solution for furniture, cabinetry, and interior applications. Explore various colors and patterns while enjoying scratch-resistant and moisture-resistant benefits. Create furniture that stands the test of time.
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Mopatech Melamine Faced Chipboard

Discover the excellence of Mopatech Melamine Faced Chipboard – the ultimate solution for versatile and durable surface applications. Crafted to meet your demanding needs, this high-quality melamine faced chipboard offers exceptional performance and aesthetic appeal for various projects.


Mopatech Melamine Faced Chipboard combines the sturdiness of chipboard with the elegance of melamine surface finishing. This results in a durable, visually appealing board that's perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

  • Robust chipboard core for structural integrity
  • Scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean melamine surface
  • Scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean melamine surface
  • Resistant to moisture, heat, and impacts
  • Versatile and suitable for a variety of furniture and interior applications
  • Thickness options: 8,18mm
  • Panel sizes: 2100*2800mm
  • Surface finish: Smooth and consistent melamine finish for a polished look
  • Edging options: Choice of edge banding materials for a seamless appearance
  • Furniture manufacturing: Ideal for creating sturdy and attractive furniture pieces
  • Cabinetry: Suitable for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, closets, and storage units
  • Wall paneling: Enhance interiors with stylish and durable wall coverings
  • Commercial spaces: Perfect for retail displays, office furniture, and commercial interiors
  • Residential projects: Upgrade home interiors with functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions
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