Miroplex Shuttering Plywood

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Discover Miroplex Sliver Film Faced Plywood, a reliable and versatile construction material with a full hardwood core and black-brown phenolic surface film. This plywood is certified with FSC Mix 95%, ISO 9001, and CE/UKCA, ensuring its quality and environmental sustainability. With excellent mechanical properties and size tolerances, it is suitable for a range of applications such as concrete formwork, wall sheathing, and flooring systems. Choose Miroplex Sliver for your construction needs and benefit from its durability, performance, and easy handling.
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Shuttering Plywood
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Miroplex Shuttering Plywood

Miroplex Sliver Film Faced Plywood is a premium construction material designed for durability and versatility. With its exceptional characteristics and reliable performance, it is a popular choice for various applications in the construction industry.


Miroplex Sliver Film Faced Plywood features a full hardwood core sourced from plantation-grown trees such as Eucalyptus spp, Acacia mangium, and Gmelina arborea. The plywood is constructed with multiple plies and boasts a high density of ≥650kg/m3. Its bonding and emissions comply with stringent standards, ensuring reliable performance and environmental friendliness.

  • FSC Mix 95%, ISO 9001, CE/UKCA certified
  • Full hardwood core from plantation-grown trees
  • 13/11/9/7/5 plies for enhanced strength
  • High density of ≥650kg/m3
  • Class 3 bonding (BWP, MUF glue)
  • E1 formaldehyde release
  • Black-brown phenolic surface film (167g/m2)
  • Black edge color
  • Reusable with 10+ uses, depending on storage and use conditions
  • Standard sizes: Width of 1,220mm or 610mm, Length of 2,440mm
  • Thickness options: 18mm
  • Size tolerances: Width/Length: +/- 1.0mm per meter, Squareness: +/- 1.0mm per meter of diagonal length, Thickness: EN 315:2000 (+/- 5%)
  • Concrete formwork
  • Wall and roof sheathing
  • Flooring systems
  • Industrial and Commercial Structures
  • Residential and Non-Residential Structures
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Country of Manufacture Ghana
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