Saveto Vetonit Bond Pure - 20Litre

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Saveto Vetonit Bond Pure - 20Litre is a versatile, single-component bonding agent and admixture that improves bonding properties and reduces shrinkage cracks in cementitious mixes. Suitable for interior and exterior applications.
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Saveto Vetonit Bond Pure - 20Litre

Saveto Vetonit Bond Pure is a single-component, polyvinyl acetate-based admixture and bonding agent for cementitious materials. It is ideal for use with plaster, sand/cement screeds, renders, mortars, and cement grouts.


Saveto Vetonit Bond Pure is a versatile product that can be used as both a bonding agent and an admixture. When used as a bonding agent, it improves the adhesion of plaster and patching compounds to green substrates. When used as an admixture, it enhances the bonding properties and mechanical strengths of cementitious mixes. Saveto Vetonit Bond Pure also helps to reduce shrinkage cracks during the early stages of cement hardening.

  • Single-component, polyvinyl acetate-based formula
  • Can be used as a bonding agent or admixture
  • Improves bonding properties of cementitious mixes
  • Reduces shrinkage cracks
  • Water-based
  • Thixotropic effect
  • Size: 20 Litre
  • Appearance: Milky white viscous liquid
  • Density @ 25°C: 1.04 ± 0.02 kg/Ltr
  • Binder Type: Modified Polyvinyl Acetate
  • pH @ 25°C: 4.5±1
  • Carrier: Water
  • Cement Compatibility: Good
  • VOC wt%: 0.20 approx 
  • Standards Compliance: ASTM C932; BS 6319
  • As an admixture with plaster, lime/sand cement screeds, renders, mortars, and cement grouts (diluted 1:2 with potable water)
  • As a bonding agent sprayed or brushed on green substrates to improve bonding of plasters and patching compounds (diluted 1:3 with potable water)
  • For renders, mortars, joint tape fixing, etc. (diluted 2:1 with potable water)
  • Suitable for both internal and external applications
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Country Of Origin Saudi Arabia
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