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Rayrson Wheelbarrow WB6400 Green - China

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The Builder Wheelbarrow D/Green WB6400 - China is a heavy-duty wheelbarrow perfect for construction, landscaping, and other demanding tasks. With its large capacity, air-filled tires, and ergonomic design, it makes transporting materials easier and more efficient.
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Builder Wheelbarrow D/Green WB6400 - China

Tackle your toughest hauling tasks with the Builder Wheel Barrow D/Green WB6400. This robust workhorse from China boasts a 130kg capacity, making it ideal for transporting heavy materials like bricks, mortar, and landscaping supplies. Its pneumatic tire and ergonomic design ensure smooth handling and comfortable use, even on uneven terrain.


Built for hard work and heavy loads, the Madar Builder Wheelbarrow - WB6400 is your reliable partner for tackling any project around the home, garden, or construction site. This robust wheelbarrow boasts a 130kg capacity, ideal for hauling bricks, gravel, soil, and more with ease. Its sturdy design and air-filled tires ensure smooth maneuvering even on uneven terrain.

  • Sturdy and reliable: Built to withstand demanding environments.

    Large capacity: Handles heavy loads with ease.

    Air-filled tires: Provide smooth handling and maneuverability.

    Ergonomic design: Reduces fatigue and strain.

    Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Dark Green
  • Model: WB6400
  • Loading Capacity: 130kg
  • Water Capacity: 65L
  • Sand Capacity: 5CBF
  • Wheel: 4.00-8 Pneumatic Tire
  • Dimensions: LHCAB*h: 1430mm x 515mm x 527mm x 830mm x 680mm x 250mm
  • Weight: Approximately 25kg
  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Gardening
  • Home improvement
  • And more
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