Rockwool Insulation Slabs

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Madar Building Materials offers a wide range of Rockwool slabs with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, high fire resistance, and easy installation. Our Rockwool slabs are available in various thicknesses, densities, and facings to meet the specific needs of your project. Choose from top brands like Rockwool, Isover, and Knauf.
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Rockwool Insulation Slabs

Rockwool slabs are high-performance insulation materials made from volcanic rock and other natural minerals. They are designed to offer outstanding thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and fire protection properties. Rockwool slabs are versatile and suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.


Rockwool slabs are available in a variety of thicknesses and densities to meet the specific requirements of different projects. They are lightweight and easy to install, making them an ideal choice for both new construction and renovation projects. Rockwool slabs are eco-friendly and sustainable, as they are made from renewable materials and are fully recyclable.

  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Outstanding acoustic insulation properties
  • High fire resistance
  • Water repellent and moisture-resistant
  • Non-combustible
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Material: Rockwool
  • Thickness: 50mm
  • Density: Various densities ranging from 40kg/m3 to 100kg/m3
  • Facing: Unfaced, foil-faced, or tissue-faced
  • Thermal insulation of walls, roofs, and floors in industrial, commercial, and residential buildings
  • Acoustic insulation of walls, ceilings, and floors in recording studios, cinemas, and other noise-sensitive environments
  • Fire protection of structural elements and HVAC systems in buildings
  • Insulation of pipes, tanks, and vessels in industrial processes
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