DCP PVC Water Stop - Hydrostop SK

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DCP's Hydrostop SK – Your shield against water intrusion. This high-performance PVC waterstop delivers unparalleled sealing, flexibility, and ease of installation. Protect your concrete structures from leaks in reservoirs, tunnels, pools, and more. Explore options, specifications, and applications.
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DCP's Hydrostop SK

Conquer water infiltration with DCP's Hydrostop SK, the premium PVC waterstop designed to create a watertight seal in cast-in-place concrete elements. Say goodbye to leaks and safeguard the integrity of your structures, from reservoirs and basements to tunnels and swimming pools.


Crafted from high-performance elastomeric PVC, Hydrostop SK delivers unparalleled water resistance and flexibility. Its unique profile with multiple ribs ensures optimal sealing, while prefabricated junction pieces and on-site weldability offer seamless installation. This blue marvel has a tensile strength of ≥ 8 MPa and an elongation at break of ≥ 220%, guaranteeing long-lasting performance even under demanding conditions.

  • Precision profile with multiple ribs effectively blocks leaks in construction joints.
  • High-performance elastomeric PVC withstands demanding loads and adapts to movement.
  • Prefabricated junction pieces and on-site weldability simplify construction.
  • Suitable for a wide range of concrete structures, including water reservoirs, basements, tunnels, and swimming pools.
  • Has no adverse effect on the quality of drinking water.
  • Withstands exposure to diluted chemicals and hydrocarbons.
  • Material: Elastomeric PVC (Blue)
  • Tensile Strength: ≥ 8 MPa
    Elongation at Break: ≥ 220%
  • Available Profiles: SK203 (200mm width) and SK253 (250mm width)
  • Web Thickness: 3mm (with ±10% variation)
  • Roll Length: 15 meters
  • Water Reservoirs and Tanks
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Retaining Walls,
  • Foundations, and Basements
  • Swimming Pools and Aquariums
  • Subways, Tunnels, and Culverts
  • Canals, Pumping Stations, and Underground Chambers
  • Any concrete structure requiring watertight construction joints
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