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Starfix CA 22-10 - PIR Glue

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Discover Starfix CA 22-10, the one-component rubber-based adhesive designed for superior bonding of foam and metal substrates in HVAC applications. With excellent adhesion properties, chemical resistance, and the ability to withstand high temperatures, Starfix CA 22-10 ensures a reliable and durable bond for your projects.
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Starfix CA 22-10

Introducing Starfix CA 22-10, the cutting-edge one-component rubber-based adhesive by Madar Building Materials. Engineered with high green strength, this adhesive is designed for bonding various foam and metal substrates, making it an ideal solution for pre-insulated duct systems. Explore the advanced features and applications of Starfix CA 22-10 for unparalleled performance in HVAC projects.


Starfix CA 22-10 is a versatile adhesive that provides exceptional bonding capabilities for a wide range of foam and metal substrates. With high green strength, chemical resistance, and resistance to high temperatures up to 180°C, it stands out as the preferred choice for HVAC applications. This adhesive offers excellent adhesion properties, ensuring a durable and reliable bond. Explore the advantages and detailed specifications below.

  • High green strength rubber-based adhesive
  • Formulated for bonding foam and metal substrates
  • Easy application with brush and roller
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Good resistance to aging
  • Withstands high temperatures up to 180°C
  • High initial tack/green strength
  • Chemical-resistant formulation
  • Bonds effectively under high stress
  • No need to prime aluminum or galvanized metal
  • Viscosity, Cps @25ºC: 600 - 900
  • Solid Content, %: 40 - 48
  • Base: Synthetic Rubber
  • Color: Yellowish
  • Density, kg/L: 0.87 – 0.93
  • Coverage, m2/L (0.1-0.2 mm wet film thickness): Refer to technical data
  • Flash Point, °C: < 10
  • Service Temp, °C: -20 to +180 (-20 to +95 at high stress)
  • Open Time, mins: > 20
  • Application Temp, °C: > +15
  • Complete Curing, hrs.: 24
  • Flammability: Flammable (wet product)
  • Ideal for HVAC applications
  • Bonding foam and metal substrates in pre-insulated duct systems
  • Suitable for various foam and metal surfaces
  • Versatile application with brush and roller
  • Effective bonding under high-stress conditions
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