Blended Hydraulic Cement (BHC) - 50kg - Tabuk Cement

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Build green and strong with Tabuk Cement's Blended Hydraulic Cement (BHC)! Eco-friendly, durable, and versatile for construction, concrete, blockwork & more. Order your 50kg bag today!
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Tabuk Cement Blended Hydraulic Cement (BHC) - 50kg

Build sustainably strong with Tabuk Cement's Blended Hydraulic Cement (BHC), the eco-friendly choice for diverse construction projects. This innovative 50kg bag of cement incorporates 30% pozzolana, a natural material that reduces carbon dioxide emissions while delivering exceptional strength, durability, and versatility. Ideal for general construction, concrete structures, blockwork, and more, BHC offers superior resistance to salts, improved workability, and enhanced thermal insulation, making it a responsible and effective building solution.


Committed to sustainability, Tabuk Cement's BHC is your green partner for construction projects. By utilizing pozzolana, BHC significantly lowers carbon footprint while still providing exceptional strength and durability. Its versatility shines in various applications, from general construction and concrete structures to blockwork and even resisting salty environments. BHC's improved workability and thermal insulation offer additional benefits, making it a responsible and effective choice for your building needs.

  • Environmentally friendly with reduced carbon footprint
  • High strength and durability
  • Versatile for various construction applications
  • Superior resistance to salts for coastal and saline environments
  • Improved workability for easier mixing and application
  • Enhanced thermal insulation for energy-efficient buildings
  • Compressive strength: 42.5MPa (at 28 days)
  • Initial setting time: 30 minutes
  • Final setting time: 6 hours
  • Specific gravity: 3.10
  • Pozzolana content: 30%
  • General construction work
  • Concrete structures
  • Block and brick manufacturing
  • Masonry applications
    Coastal and saline environments
  • Interior and exterior finishes
  • Energy-efficient buildings
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Country of Manufacture Saudi Arabia
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Shipping Method Madar Fleet
Country Of Origin Saudi Arabia
Brand Tabuk Cement
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