Dunlop A.1414 Woodworking Adhesive - 30kg

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Dunlop A.1414 Woodworking Adhesive offers dependable bonding for wood joints and veneers. With its medium solid and high viscosity formulation, this single-component adhesive is a preferred choice for furniture and woodworking projects.
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Dunlop A.1414 Woodworking Adhesive

Experience the reliability of Dunlop A.1414 Woodworking Adhesive, a single-component adhesive tailor-made for bonding wood joints. With its medium solid and high viscosity, it is a trusted choice for the furniture industry, enabling secure and durable connections in various woodworking applications.


Dunlop A.1414 is specifically formulated for woodworking projects, ensuring the strength and integrity of wood joints. Its versatility extends to the preparation of mortice and tenon, dowels, plain or beveled lap joints, and even wood veneers.

  • Single-component woodworking adhesive
  • Medium solid and high viscosity for optimal bonding
  • Ideal for bonding wood joints securely
  • Used extensively in the furniture industry
  • Suitable for mortice and tenon, dowels, lap joints, and wood veneers
  • Suitable for mortice and tenon, dowels, lap joints, and wood veneers
  • While Dunlop A.1414 is effective for a variety of woodworking applications, it is advised to avoid using it in situations where the bonded joints will be exposed to prolonged water or humid conditions.
  • Forming strong wood joints in various woodworking projects
  • Creating mortice and tenon connections
  • Securing dowels and lap joints
  • Bonding wood veneers for enhanced aesthetics
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Weight 30.000000
Country Of Origin Jordon
Brand Dunlop
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