Hyundai Measuring Tape Double Sides

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Discover the Hyundai Measuring Tape Double Sides, a versatile tool available in multiple sizes with double-sided markings for accurate measurements. Whether it's construction, woodworking, or DIY projects, this measuring tape ensures reliable and precise results.
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Hyundai Measuring Tape Double Sides
Measuring Tools
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27 - 4 Oct, 2023
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Hyundai Measuring Tape Double Sides

Introducing the Hyundai Measuring Tape Double Sides, a versatile tool designed to provide accurate measurements for a wide range of tasks. With multiple size options and double-sided markings, this measuring tape is an essential addition to your toolbox.


The Hyundai Measuring Tape Double Sides is a reliable and user-friendly tool that ensures accurate measurements for various applications. Whether you're working on construction, woodworking, or any project that demands precision, this measuring tape will help you achieve consistent and reliable results.

  • Available in multiple sizes: 3 mt X 19 mm, 5 mt X 25 mm, 7.5 mt X 25 mm, 8 mt X 25 mm
  • Double-sided markings for easy and convenient measurements
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Model options: HMT0010, HMT008, HMT009, HMT017
  • Ideal for measuring lengths, widths, and heights accurately
  • Suitable for construction, woodworking, home improvement, and DIY projects
  • Offers both metric and imperial measurements for versatility
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