Building Materials Sections

We aim to continually introduce better products and improved services that will enhance the standards of living and the well being of our society. This will be achieved through the commitment and dedication of our team and the support of our suppliers. Providing our customers with exceptional service, quality, and value will strengthen our position and deliver exceptional returns to our partners and shareholders.

  • Steel Rebar & Building Materials

    all steel sizes and building materials
    Steel Rebar & Building Materials
  • Wood

    a wide vaierty of timber & construction wood
  • Metals

    Beams, Pipes, Steel Sections, Black Sheets & Coils
  • Hardware and Tools

    hardware and tools for commercial & residential use
    Hardware and Tools
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Madar is amongst the largest importers of building materials in Saudi Arabia. The company’s core business involves wood, steel, aluminium and insulation material.