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Steel 6mm * 6mtr - Grade 40
SAR4025.00 SAR3500.00
Steel 8mm * 6mtr - Grade 40
SAR3335.00 SAR2900.00
Steel 10mm * 12mtr - Grade 40
SAR3335.00 SAR2900.00
Yamamah Steel 10mm * 12mtr
SAR3392.50 SAR2950.00
Yamamah Steel 12mm * 12mtr
SAR3047.50 SAR2650.00
Yamamah Steel 14mm * 12mtr
SAR3047.50 SAR2650.00
Yamamah Steel 16mm * 12mtr
SAR3047.50 SAR2650.00
Yamamah Steel 18mm * 12mtr
SAR3047.50 SAR2650.00

Al Yamamah Steel Rebar

Al Yamamah Company for Reinforcing Steel Bars was established in 2003 with paid Capital of 300 Million.The primary objective is to set up an integrated Steel Plant for an annual production of more than 1.5 million tons of Reinforcing Steel to support the on-going construction activities arising from Urban and Economic growth in the Kingdom and Gulf Region.


Rebar is necessary to compensate for the fact that whilst concrete is strong in compression, it is relatively weak in tension. By casting rebar into concrete, it is able to carry tensile loads and so increase overall strength.

Working Properties

High Strength, Ductility and Weldability

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Main Uses

  • Primary reinforcement: Used to provide resistance to support design loads.
  • Secondary reinforcement: Used for durability and aesthetic purposes by providing localised resistance to limit cracking and temperature-induced stresses.
  • Provide resistance to concentrated loads, spreading it through a wider area.
  • Assist other steel bars in accommodating their loads by holding them in the correct position.
  • External steel tie bars to constrain and reinforce masonry structures, sometimes as a means of building conservation.
  • Reinforced masonry: Some masonry blocks and bricks include voids to accommodate rebar to carry tensile loads. The rebar is secured in place using grout.
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