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Saveto Porcelain Tile Fix

Saveto Porcelain Tile Fix

Wood Glue

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Wood Glue Saudibond 30kg
SAR189.75 SAR165.00


Wood Glue Mazon 30kg
SAR166.75 SAR145.00


Wooden Glue

Premium Grad PVA Adhesive is a 40% solids polyvinyl acetate emulsion containing reactive groups. It is a specially designed adhesive with increased water resistance, good heat resistance, good resistance to static load and very fast curing on Wood. Also works well on hot and coldpress applications. Product is also characterized by its easy cleanup.


  • High quality professional water-based polyvinyl acetate (PVA).
  • Exeptionally huge binding power and very fast setting time.
  • White in appearance when applied but leaves an extra transparent.
  • Homogeneous flexible cohesive film after drying.
  • Resistant to humidity, heat, acids and alkalis.
  • Odourless and non flammable.
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