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Tubular Core Chipboard

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Tubular Core Chipboard 33mm * 118cm * 209cm - German
SAR109.25 SAR95.00


Tubular Core Chipboard

Tubular core chipboard is a kind of chipboard which has tube holes inside horizontally manufactured. During production of hollow chipboard core, we glued very small wood pieces and pressed with high pressure and hot weather. Chipboard sheets are about 50-60% lighter than solid wood timbers. Lighter chipboard sheets are easily cut, process, install and use. The cost of hollow core board is lower than solid wood. So customer prefers to use tubular chipboard sheets.


high performance tubular chipboards for doors with fire resistance, burglary protection, and sound insulation ...


  • lightweight furniture and door construction
  • sound insulation
  • fire resistance
  • burglary protection
  • dimensional stability in different climates

Working Properties

89 - 90%atro   soft wood (spruce, fir, pine)
1-2 %atro hard wood (beech, oak)
All wood is exclusively natural leftover wood from local sawmills. 
about 8 % UF solid resin in standard panels
(higher lamination degrees are possible for special products)
approx. 1 % hardener & paraffin
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