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Asfan - عسفان
Al Bahah - الباحه
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Khomra - الخمره
Jeddah Wood - جده خشب
Makkah 1 - مكه 1
Medina - المدينه
Riyadh - الرياض
Balau Wood

Balau Wood

Swedish Wood V

Swedish Wood V

Swedish Wood IV

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Swedish Wood IV 2' * 9'
SAR2817.50 SAR2450.00


Swedish Wood IV 2' * 10'
SAR2990.00 SAR2600.00


Swedish Pine Wood IV

Heartwood is light reddish brown, demarcated sapwood is pale yellow to nearly white.


Scots Pine has an enormous distribution, spanning from Portugal in the west out to eastern Siberia. Consequently, there’s also a great amount of natural variability in terms of density, strength, and appearance because of the wide range of growth conditions for the tree. Trees from colder northern climates tend to produce denser, more finely-textured wood because of their slower growth rates.

Main Uses

Utility poles, posts, boxes/crates, flooring, paper (pulpwood), and construction lumber.

Working Properties

Scots Pine is easy to work with both hand and machine tools. Glues and finishes well.

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