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Madar Steel Industries

Madar Steel Industries is one of the largest suppliers of steel products in the region. Its portfolio of products includes beams, sections, bars, pipes, sheets, plates, coils, profiles, and gratings.

Steel Products
700,000 Sq. Ft.
300,000 Tons
Annual Capacity

Madar Steel Industries, a subsidiary of Madar Holding, was established in September 2005 with the objective of serving the contracting and construction industry in the UAE. The company is focused on offering wire-mesh products and the service for cutting & bending of steel rebar.

The rebar processing plant, located over 700,000 sq. ft., has a capacity of around 300,000 tons of steel annually and sources its reinforcement steel from Turkey, Qatar, Ukraine, the UAE, and other countries.


The facility offers its clients numerous services, including straight steel bars, cut to length, Rebar coil straightening, and cut and bend steel.

The steel mesh facility, which is mainly used for concrete reinforcement, includes the standard wire mesh and tailor-made wire mesh, in addition to cold-drawn compact coil production for concrete precast factories.

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