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Galvanized Tying Wire

Galvanized Tying Wire

Small Size Rebar

Small Size Rebar

Epoxy Galvanized Tying Wire

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Epoxy Coated Tying Wire 14gg - 8kg/Roll
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Epoxy Galvanized Tying Wire

Largely used as lacing wire in the insulation industry in supporting products like Rockwool® and other mineral wools, also commonly used for a number of other applications including; construction for tying re-bar,mesh fencing, cables, hangers and garden work.

Main Uses

Epoxy Galvanized tying wire is used often in construction when reinforcing bars and insulation however, can also be used in applications such as: mesh fencing, cables, hangers and garden work. This wire is perfect for tying and lacing.

Working Properties

Not only is it flexible, galvanized wire is also highly durable meaning it can be worked with good effect for a broad range of tying needs.

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