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Khomra - الخمره
Jeddah Wood - جده خشب
Kosipo Wood

Kosipo Wood

Dabema Wood

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Dabema Wood 2in - K/D
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Dabema Wood 2in - K/D Standard
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Dabema Wood

The wood is light brown to golden brown, sometimes with ribbon like aspect on quartersawn. It has an ammoniac odour when green or with rewetted wood. It has clearly demarcated sapwood. The grain is interlocked and the texture is coarse. The blunting effect is normal, peeling is reported to be good and slicing is not recommended or without interest. Very irritant sawdust. Quartersawn is recommended in order to reduce the risks of distortion. Nailing is good and gluing is correct. Risks of end checks. Dabema dries normal to slowly. To reduce distortions, surface drying is recommended prior to kiln drying.


Dabéma, Bukungu, Dahoma, 腺瘤豆

Scientific Name

Piptadeniastrum africanum


  • Heavy carpentry
  • Vehicle or container flooring
  • Industrial or heavy flooring
  • Glued laminated
  • Veneer for interior of plywood
  • Current furniture or furniture components

Working Properties

Works well, blunting of tooth edges most pronounced in sawing, cutting angle of 15 degrees is suggested for planning knives to minimize tearing of interlocked grain, nailing and gluing satisfactory, moderate wood- bending characteristics.

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