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Asfan - عسفان
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Hail - حائل
Khomra - الخمره
Jeddah Wood - جده خشب
Dammam Wood - الدمام خشب
Riyadh - الرياض
Sapelli Wood

Sapelli Wood

Cherry Wood

Cherry Wood

African Mahogany Wood

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African Mahogany 2in - S/D
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African Mahogany 2in - K/D Standard
SAR3220.00 SAR2800.00


African Mahogany Wood

African Mahogany's is pink when freshly cut, darkening to a reddish-brown, with pale goldern-brown zones, on exposure. The sapwood is yellowish-brown in color and is up to 2 in. (51mm) in width and it is not always distinctly demarcated from the heartwood. The grain is sometimes straight, but generally interlocked, giving a characteristic stripe figure in quarter sawn stock. The texture is medium to coarse, but even. It has no distinct taste or odor. The planed surface is lustrous. Growth rings fairly distinct to the naked eye due to the presence of terminal parenchyma.


Acajou d'Afrique

Scientific Name

Khaya ivorensis




  • Exterior & Interior joinery
  • Sliced veneer Veneer for back or face of plywood
  • Interior panelling
  • Current furniture or furniture components
  • Veneer for back or face of plywood
  • Flooring


The timber works fairly easily with both hand and machine tools. A reduction in the cutting angle to 15 degrees is advisable to avoid picking up in machine planing, especially when the timber has interlocked grain. Nails well, slightly resistant to screws. Glues well. Takes a high polish. Tearout can sometimes be a problem if the grain is interlocked.

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