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Asfan - عسفان
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Jizan - جيزان
Al Ahsa Al Gafr - الاحساء الجفر
Khomra - الخمره
Jeddah Wood - جده خشب
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Medina - المدينه
Dammam Wood - الدمام خشب
Riyadh - الرياض
خشب موفنجي

خشب موفنجي

خشب ماهوجني سابيلي

خشب ماهوجني سابيلي

خشب زان الماني

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خشب زان الماني 2' - مجفف
4140٫00ر.س 3600٫00ر.س


خشب زان الماني 1' - مجفف
3795٫00ر.س 3300٫00ر.س


Beech Wood

The sapwood of European Beech is white with a red tinge, while the heartwood is light to dark reddish brown.


Beech has white sapwood and light reddish brown heartwood. The wood is generally straight grained with a fine uniform texture.

Main Uses

It can used with Furniture, Doors, Flooring, Millwork, Paneling, Brush handles, Woodenware, Bending stock, Toys and Turnings.

Working Properties

The wood works fairly easily, glues well with care, takes stain and polish extremely well, and nails and screws satisfactorily where pre-boring is advised. It dries rather slowly with little degrade, but it has moderately high shrinkage, so is susceptible to movement in performance.

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