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Discover the strength and durability of I-Beams. Made from high-quality steel and available in various sizes and lengths, these structural members provide excellent support for heavy loads in building and bridge construction, as well as industrial and commercial applications.
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I-Beams are structural steel members that have an "I" shape, hence the name. They are used in a wide range of construction projects due to their strength and durability.


I-Beams are made by rolling steel into a specific shape. The design of an I-Beam allows it to support large amounts of weight over long spans, making it a popular choice in the construction industry.

  • Made of strong and durable steel
  • "I" shaped design provides excellent support for heavy loads
  • Can be customized to meet specific project requirements
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Available in various sizes and lengths to fit different construction needs
  • Made from high-quality steel to ensure strength and durability
  • Can be finished with coatings for enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Used in building construction for framing and support
  • Can be used in bridge construction for support and load-bearing
  • Commonly used in industrial and commercial applications such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and storage buildings
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