Steel Reinforcing Mesh

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Steel reinforcing mesh is a high-quality and durable material used in reinforced concrete structures. It provides tensile strength and prevents cracking, making it an essential component in construction projects. Madar Building Materials offers a wide range of steel reinforcing mesh in various sizes and configurations to suit your specific needs.
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Steel Reinforcing Mesh

Steel reinforcing mesh is an essential component of reinforced concrete structures, used to provide tensile strength and prevent cracking. It is made up of high-quality steel wire that is welded together to form a mesh pattern. The steel wire used in the mesh is usually ribbed to provide better adhesion to concrete.


Steel reinforcing mesh is a versatile and durable material that is used extensively in construction projects of all sizes. It is available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit various applications.

  • Made from high-quality steel wire
  • Available in various sizes and configurations
  • Provides tensile strength and prevents cracking in reinforced concrete structures
  • Ribbed wire provides better adhesion to concrete
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Material: Steel
  • Wire diameter: 4mm - 16mm
  • Mesh size: 15mm x 15mm, 20mm x 20mm, etc.
  • Panel size: 2m x 6m, 2.4m x 4.8m, etc.
  • Reinforcement of concrete structures such as walls, slabs, and columns
  • Road and bridge construction
  • Precast concrete products
  • Tunnels and underground structures
  • Industrial and agricultural buildings
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