AC Cleaning Tray

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Discover the AC Cleaning Tray – a smart solution for cleaner and more efficient air conditioner servicing. Hang it securely on your AC unit for easy access during messy tasks, all while keeping your space organized. Fluids drain smoothly through the optional hose connection, making cleanup a breeze.
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Spill Containment
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21 - 28 Sep, 2023
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Air Conditioner Cleaning Tray

Introducing the AC Cleaning Tray, a clever solution designed to simplify air conditioner servicing while maintaining a clean and organized workspace. This tray securely hangs on the top of your open AC unit, providing technicians with easy access to perform messy servicing tasks without creating a mess. With the AC Cleaning Tray, you can ensure a tidy environment in your home while ensuring the smooth drainage of fluids through an optional hose connection.


The AC Cleaning Tray is engineered to make AC servicing hassle-free and cleaner. It offers a practical way to enhance efficiency during maintenance, preventing spills and messes that could otherwise disrupt your space.

  • Mess-Free Servicing: The tray's design keeps any mess contained, ensuring your workspace remains clean and organized.
  • Convenient Drainage: Fluids are channeled through an optional hose connection to a catch tray, making clean-up effortless.
  • Easy Installation: Designed to hang on most standard AC units, ensuring quick and secure setup.
  • Customizable for Larger Units: Larger AC units can be accommodated with specially manufactured trays upon request.
  • Dimensions (MM): 1000MM X 350MM X 350MM
  • Composition: PVC
  • Color: Orange / Blue
  • HS Code: 3926 - 90
  • Environmental Standard: EPA 40 CFR 112.7 and EPA 40 CFR 264.175
  • Air Conditioner Servicing: Facilitates hassle-free maintenance tasks, protecting your surroundings from messes.
  • Home and Professional Use: Ideal for both residential and professional settings, ensuring a clean work area.
  • Fluid Drainage: The optional hose connection efficiently drains fluids, preventing spills and leaks.
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