About Us

As the flagship company of the Al-FOZAN GROUP, MBM is amongst the largest importers of building materials in Saudi Arabia. The company’s core business involves wood, steel, aluminium and insulation material.

Established in 1969, MBM’s main focus was to meet the ever-increasing demand for building materials in Saudi Arabia. Since inception, the company’s founders insisted on quality and as a result the company soon acquired a solid reputation for its products.

The ability to adapt to changing customer needs and market demands enabled Madar Building Materials (MBM) to maintain its leading position. In 1995 the company undertook an ambitious self-development program that reinforced its corporate standing.

Today MBM is a dynamic force in regional markets. ISO certified and guided by a strong corporate philosophy, MBM continues to enjoy one success after another. It enjoys a distinguished reputation with clients, suppliers, financial institutions and other business associates.

The network

MBM operates a growing number of retail outlets strategically located across the GCC. It has more than 60 outlets in Saudi Arabia, and one each in Bahrain, Qatar and Dubai. More branches are planned to further enhance the company’s regional presence.